For those of you who like to play games and also like music, surely you really like it when the two things were put together.

Well, there are 3 games in the music category that can make fun gamers who have a hobby of music playing this game again.

This music game is fairly light and is very suitable to be played in your spare time and on the other hand, music games can also hone your skills and knowledge in the field of music.

Are you curious about those 3 music games? Right away, here are 3 free music games that you can play on your smartphone.

1. SongPop

If you really like music, surely your knowledge of music is also very broad.

This music game invites you to guess the song titles, ranging from the most recent songs to the super old school also here.

The method is quite easy, you only listen to pieces of the song and you have 4 answer choices to choose from.

It depends on what category you want to take, because various music categories are here, such as Today's Hits, Classic Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Indie, Latin, 60s to 2000s, and so on that you can choose according to your music style.

Eits, you don't play alone, you know, because you can play with random opponents or your own friends who play this game too.

2. Piano Tiles 2

This game is already familiar to you who love to sharpen the speed of your hands and mind.

Piano Tiles was booming around 2015, because everywhere you will surely see people playing this game.

How to play it is quite easy, you just tap your cellphone on the black block that goes along with the song being played.

The music is indeed piano, but this game actually really tests your hand speed and how sharp your focus is.

Of course at the initial level, we will be served with low-tempo music, but if your level is far, the faster the tempo.

3. Guitar Band Battle

This game is similar to the old game, Guitar Hero, but this one can certainly be played on a smartphone.

This game aims to test how focused your mind and hands are in sync.

Guitar Band Battle also has the same way of playing as Piano Tiles, but what is taped is a picture of a guitar fret.

You can buy a guitar and hire some musicians in the game.

The songs in this game are of course rock and roll songs or something like that which certainly has a really cool guitar riff.

You can also make a band in this game, because you can lead a bassist, drummer and vocalist.

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