An interesting sight was seen at a concert in Vivero, Spain. A person with a disability was seen 'flying high' in the crowd while watching the concert.

Haru Moments of People with Disabilities Paraded Hundreds of People When Watching the Concert

Alex Dominguez, a law student has become popular on social media and even in the world. This happened when Alex was appointed by many to use his wheelchair at the Resurrection Fest in northwestern Spain.

The 19-year-old man has cerebral palsy which requires him to sit in a wheelchair. The disease attacks the nervous system and muscular system so that it upsets the balance and coordination system of the body. This makes it difficult to sit upright even walking.

After the epic event, he said it was like getting a flow of energy, excitement, even feeling an adrenaline rush.

"That is the flow of energy, adrenaline, joy, joy, happiness. "Dreams come true, I have this idea for a long time to see my favorite group from there," Alex said.

Hundreds of people paraded

While enjoying the music, in his video that circulated on Twitter, Alex could be seen raising his hands from his wheelchair. Also seen tens or even hundreds of people holding him from falling over during the Swedish band Set of Arch Enemy.

Alex really likes the metal music genre. He watched a metal band concert called Resurrection. With his current physical condition, Alex is not discouraged even to be able to watch music concerts.

The video had actually been spread in July 2019. However, Alex's video was again busy on social media because it was touching. Citizens who watched the video were moved because Alex was not unyielding to be able to achieve his desire to watch a music concert even though he had shortcomings.