5 Good Songs While Playing Games - Some of you gamers do like to play the game while listening to the song, instead the music from the game that is played is actually reduced in volume so that it doesn't collide., Yes, I myself as a writer also often listen to the song while playing games. This time, there are 5 good songs while playing my version of the game. Although the song under its duration does not reach 1 hour, but if you download continue to make a playlist of gaming songs? It can take a long time, right?

Pendulum - The Island
This song is divided into 2 parts, namely Dawn and Dusk. In my opinion, this song is good when playing with the Shooter genre game. Try listening to the sound directly from the electro house and drop from The Island part 2 Dusk in this video. The main point is to shoot.

Shawn Wasabi - Pizza Rolls
The metal + dubstep genre of this song remix is ​​in my opinion suitable for Action genre games. For those who want to know, the remix of this song is taken from Skrillex's song with the title Bangarang, Right In, Rock and Roll, Make it Bundem, etc. Continue to belong to the Knife Party with the title Bonfire, etc. This is a really cool remix.

Zomboy - Here to Stay
So if I think one is suitable for Action. Some Zomboy songs are also good for gaming, like Mind Control, Terror Squad, etc.

Willdabeats Remix
One of the builders remixing songs whose songs are good for playing games, Willdabeats. A nice song for gaming from Willdabeats is Lost in The Internet and Call Me Maybe. It's good for all the games to play 😀

Nightcore, many songs from Nightcore are suitable for gaming. Tasty, some are fast, some are slow. One of the slow songs that are good for Adventure, Simulator and several other genres in my opinion Try.

Indeed, actually playing games slot online doesn't have to use songs, but what's wrong with being as cool as songs? 😀 I think it's really good to play a game with a song, as long as the song fits + feels good.  In my opinion, the best genre of song for gaming is dubstep with house 😀  Greetings are handsome and handsome!